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Get better aesthetic therapies, including joint pain relief, at Preventative Medical Clinic, a division of Kohll’s in Omaha, Nebraska.

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It’s another service we offer at Preventative Medical Clinic, a division of Kohll’s in Omaha, Nebraska, utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments.

Although relatively new, PRP injections have been found to effectively relieve pain, promote healing and regenerate soft tissue after injuries due to sports and other physical activity.

Studies indicate PRP can most benefit patients with:

  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Torn muscles
  • Knee arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Achilles tendon tears

Platelet rich plasma has also been found effective for patients who have recently undergone surgery for an injury, assisting with the healing process, leading to a quicker recovery.

Candidates who receive PRP injections may experience:

  • Decreased pain
  • Expedited recovery
  • Increase of mobility in the injured area

 How are PRP Injections Performed?

  • To prepare platelet rich plasma, blood is drawn from the patient.
  • The platelets are then separated and the concentration is increased by centrifugation.
  • Once that process is finished, the platelet rich plasma is combined with the residual blood and injected into the area of the patient’s injury.
  • The injection may also be a mixture of platelet rich plasma and a local anesthetic to assist with analgesia.

How long does the procedure take?

  • One to two hours, which includes preparation and recovery
  • This type of therapy provides pain relief without the risks of surgery and extended recovery.
  • Patients will feel some moderate discomfort after the platelet rich plasma treatment, which could last up to a few days.
  • The physician may prescribe a small dosage of pain medication for severe cases and if pain after the treatment is persistent.

Are there any dangers or side effects?
Since all of the constituents retrieved in PRP are exclusively from YOU, there is no risk of allergic reaction or intolerance reported in the several thousand papers written on the subject.

The most commonly reported side effect associated with platelet rich plasma treatment is tenderness in the area of the body where the injection was administered.

  • Patients are advised to minimize activity for 24 hours after the treatment, but most patients have been able to continue with their daily activities immediately after the injection.
  • It may take several weeks for the patient to notice the full effect of the treatment.
  • During that time, it is important for the patient to follow their physical therapy regimen.
  • If the patient does not feel the injection was effective, it may be recommended for them to receive additional platelet-rich plasma treatments.

Our credentials
Preventative Medical Clinic (PMC) is certified and trained in PRP procedures, which means every member of our medical team has passed certification for the preparation and application of PRP. We have continuing education on PRP preparation each year.


Additional Options for Sports-related Injuries

Preventative Medical Clinic also offer non-PRP treatments for sports-related injuries, including:

  • Medication compounding, the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients
    –  Working closely with athlete and healthcare provider, compounding allows pharmacists to prepare medication in strengths and delivery systems that are just right for that particular athlete’s body for the ultimate in therapy.
    –  A compounding pharmacist may be able to combine various drugs into a single dosage form to combat nerve pain, customize topical antifungal medications or formulate special preparations to heal blisters or calluses.
    –  Compounded sun block creams, lotions, and lip balms may help protect athletes participating in outdoor sports.
  • Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT)
    Also known as Prolotherapy
    –  A minimally invasive injection procedure that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair chronically damaged ligaments or tendons.

Get better quality of life with the latest Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments, including those for injury recovery, at Preventative Medical Clinic, a division of Kohll’s in Omaha, Nebraska.

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